York® Ventilator Systems

The ultimate way to improve indoor air quality is to introduce fresh air from outside. But how can you use fresh air from outdoors without changing your indoor air temperature? It's easy with a York® recovery ventilator system because:

  • It saves energy by passing the indoor airstream through a heat exchanger. 
  • The ERV model removes humidity from incoming airstream for summertime use. 
  • It works with your central air ductwork, making it a smart option when installing a new or upgrading an existing central home comfort system.

When you want a fresh perspective on indoor air quality, consider a York® heat or energy recovery ventilator.




York® Affinity™ Air Cleaners

With a York® Affinity™ air cleaner, your family will feel their best when allergy season is at its worst because:

  • It operates as part of your existing heating and cooling system for whole house air filtration.
  • It keeps your house cleaner, because less dust is in circulation.
  • It keeps your family healthier, because microbes and pollen are filtered from the air stream.
  • Unlike portable room air cleaners, it operates quietly out of sight.

Feel healthier and keep your home cleaner with a York® Affinity™ Whole House Air Cleaner.